About Anastassia Lauterbach

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1972 - 1989

Anastassia was born and grew up in the former Soviet Union. From a young age she was interested in science, astronomy, literature, and music.

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1989 - 1996

Anastassia completed her first master’s in Computational Linguistics in Moscow. At the age of twenty Anastassia emigrated to Germany where she earned her second degree in Psychology at the age of 23. Just one year later, she became the youngest Ph.D. holder in Germany.

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1996 - 2013

Anastassia had a corporate career working for large companies such as Munich Re, Daimler, McKinsey, T-Mobile International, Deutsche Telekom, and Qualcomm.

Anastassia Lauterbach playing piano when she was young.
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Anastassia’s daughter Catherine (‘The Girl’ in the book) was born in Bonn, Germany.

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2013 - 2020

Anastassia created her first company with focus on cybersecurity and AI in different industries, and started working with startup innovators.

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Anastassia published her first book about Artificial Intelligence, “The AI Imperative”, with her co-author Andrea Bonime-Blanc.

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Romeo (Romy), a British Short Hair cat arrived at Anastassia’s home, full of mischief, stealing cheese and never feeling sorry about anything at all.

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Anastassia started teaching Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in Potsdam, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria.

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Open AI launched ChatGPT. Anastassia got married to Thomas (‘Dad’ in the book).

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The Idea of “Romy &Roby” was born. Anastassia created AI Edutainment, a limited company in Switzerland, and wrote “Romy & Roby And The Secrets Of Sleep.” Anastassia’s company is dedicated to ensure that children and their parents understand the power and value of Artificial Intelligence in our future world.

Anastassia Lauterbach holding Romy the cat.

About Romy & Roby

Romy & Roby And The Secrets Of Sleep is Anastassia’s first book of the “Romy & Roby” series, dedicated to the importance of hardware in AI and robotics, the promises of quantum computers, and the ways to optimize software and make its performance more energy-savvy and consistent.

What comes next?

More AI adventures will follow. Young readers and their parents will witness how algorithms can change medicine. They will follow Romy & Roby into the space. They will tremble with them when they save their family members from cyber-bullying and reputation destruction. Of course, they will use AI for everything, making mistakes common to today’s machines, correcting them with the help of their human (and non-human) friends, and writing poems and songs to share their joy.

Romy and Roby sitting side by side