Welcome to the World of Romy and Roby.

Here you can meet all the different characters and get to know them.

Meet Romy…

Romy is a British Short Hair, the same cat breed as Lewis Carrol’s Cheshire cat from the book “Alice in Wonderland.”

He is incredibly clever with a dry sense of humour. Life is his oyster indeed, but – unlike Oscar Wilde – he uses the right fork (or rather his paw) to enjoy it.

Romy keeps his wisdom to himself. We don’t understand where he learned it all, but apparently, he can consume information while he sleeps.

He understands gourmet cuisine like no one else in the family.

illustration photo of Romy from the Romy and Roby book series.
illustration photo of Roby from the Romy and Roby book series.

Meet Roby…

Roby is an Android robot with a human-like shape. He is incredibly advanced as he always manages to succeed in learning and can transmit what he knows to new situations.

Roby perfectly masters the human language and – unlike other machines – is quite self-aware. He can explain, as an example, how he composes poems or how he can walk like a cat.

illustration photo of Mom from the Roby and Roby book series.


Mum studied Computational Linguistics and works in a University’s lab. Her interests are bright: Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), animal language, opera, and poetry. Mum is very persistent in helping her family members, be it her daughter, a cat, or Roby.

illustration photo of Dad from the Roby and Roby book series.


Dad is a medical doctor working in a large pharmaceutical company’s Research & Development department. He loves his family, supports their projects, helps with the household, and accepts whatever Romy and Roby put in front of him, even when his voice is cloned to book a table in a French restaurant.

illustration photo of The Girl from the Roby and Roby book series.

The Girl

The Girl is thirteen years old. She started playing piano at the age of four.

She hasn’t decided yet what she wants to study once she graduates. The Girl does not post much about herself on social media. She follows several wonderful girls who go to the Universities of ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Yale, Stanford, Harvard in the US, and Singapore. The Girl has just started learning Mandarin and French. She is fluent in English and German. She is worried she might get acne, but this doesn’t diminish her love for chocolate ice cream.

illustration photo of Juliet from the Roby and Roby book series.


Juliet (or July) is a stray cat with the potential to win a beauty contest. She might become Romy’s big love one day, but we don’t know it yet. Juliet escaped from a drug testing lab. The family adopted her straight away. One can’t let a cat in need struggle around, after all.

illustration photo of Galina from the Roby and Roby book series.


Galina is a pigeon that happened to land in the garden of the family’s house in Newmarket and liked it so much she decided to stay. Due to unlucky events in her early childhood, she fears a bird named Common Cuckoo. Galina travelled across Europe and listened to human conversations at the windows in Paris, Rome, London, and Vienna. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in Geography and Sociology.

illustration photo of Gloria from the Roby and Roby book series.


Gloria is Galina’s young daughter. We can’t say a lot about Gloria at this point in time. We only know that she is highly aware of her rights and knows what she wants.

illustration photo of B from the Roby and Roby book series.


B. is the family’s friend and neighbour. He had a tough life. He is a former Soviet dissident, a name commonly used for people opposing the official policy of an authoritarian state. He came to Newmarket four decades ago, after being released from the psychiatric clinic, where he was kept against his will by the Soviet State Security forces. B. collects books and is interested in deep conversations about life, death, consciousness, and intelligence.

Romy & Roby Series

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illustration image of Romy the cat
illustration image of Roby the android