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December 28, 2023

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Anastassia Lauterbach

Welcome to the official home of Romy&Roby and their family and friends. Here you’ll find news, information and activities to delight everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence and the adventures of two major protagonists, Romy – The Cat, and Roby – The Android:

Short videos and blog posts Anastassia is spontaneously making, whenever she sees, hears or reads something inspiring and connected to AI;

Pictures, videos, and text messages/ letters from the community about life with and without AI;

Anastassia’s illustrations from “Romy&Roby” books;

Videos and photographs of those who inspired the characters from “Romy&Roby”, including Romy The Cat, Catherine The Girl, and Mum (Anastassia herself).

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Book 1

Romy & Roby And the Secrets Of Sleep

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