AI Edutainment Update: We have just hired our first Intern!

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March 7, 2024

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Anastassia Lauterbach

The Girl is an important character in the “Romy and Roby” series. Bringing on board a fabulous girl as an intern seemed only logical. Welcome, Masha!

Masha is an undergrad student in Security Studies and AI at Leiden University. Anastassia interviewed her for the community blog!

Masha - new intern for AI Edutainment

Anastassia: You decided to study Security Studies, though your Major at Bonn International School was in Arts. How did you segway into technology?

Masha: When deciding on my bachelor’s degree, I considered what field would grow in the coming years and what contributions I could bring to the future workforce. Very early on, it became clear that technology was already expanding into the arts field, primarily through generative AI. I also see this trend in my Major in Security Studies. I also chose to do my Minor in AI and Society to understand how these technologies intertwine our institutions and daily life. Although I am still very passionate about arts and continue to paint alongside my studies, I am very happy with my choice of studying technology and security.

Anastassia: How does AI change the world of education, if at all?

Masha: As a student, I see how technology challenges traditional educational systems. ChatGPT is a new concept that changes how students research and go about academia. I am still debating what role the language models will play in the future of education. I also see through my younger sister how technology is changing schools, with children of 9 already having the chance to follow coding classes. Given how important technology is becoming in every job sector, I think it is wonderful that a generation of young experts is being formatted with tech from the early age.

Anastassia: We live in a time of polycrises. What needs to happen in schools to prepare teens for a challenging and fast-moving world outside?

Masha: I believe that now, more than ever, schools need to step in and help equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge. Children and teens must develop critical thinking and analytical skills to combat misinformation and a toxic status quo. There are already so many social and political upheavals in the world, and we must ensure our future leaders are open-minded problem-solvers. I think it is, therefore, important that schools help children and teens develop their soft skills, which will help shape them into the adults we need in the future to repair the damage done.

Anastassia: How will AI change current jobs?

Masha: I know there is a lot of fear around AI and how it will impact future jobs. However, AI will become a new tool to advance employment and strengthen the workforce. AI is still in its early development stages. The human factor will remain no matter the maturity level of technologies. The systems will raise many ethical concerns, especially regarding their application in the legal domain. However, with proper governance, AI could be seen as a valuable asset in increasing workplace productivity and output. Since machine learning requires a lot of training, many jobs will probably also be created to help further develop these systems.

Anastassia: If you could describe your generation in five words, what would these words be?

Masha: I would describe Gen Z as Resilient, driven, open-minded, mindful, and tenacious.

Anastassia: What does Gen Z expect from an employer?

Masha: Respect and fairness are critical to a positive work environment. Since the world is becoming so globalized and complex, ensuring diversity and mutual respect among employees and employers is crucial. I also believe that employers must pay attention to toxic workplace behaviour such as microaggression, which is unfortunately often overlooked and disregarded but can really negatively affect employees and their environment.

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