Why Should Your Kids Be Afraid of David Deutsch?

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January 16, 2024

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Anastassia Lauterbach

One of the most significant sources of inspiration for the creation of “Romy & Roby” was the work of David Deutsch.

David Deutsch (@DavidDeutschOxf) is a visiting professor of physics at the Centre for Quantum Computation, a part of the Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford University, and an honorary fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. He works on fundamental issues in physics, particularly the quantum theory of computation and information, especially constructor theory, which he proposes as a new way of formulating laws of nature.

David is considered the father of quantum computing. He made profound contributions to the multiverse theory. Quantum theory is indeed a theory of the existence of multiple universes. Schroedinger formulated this idea first, even though he never defined the theory. You might not remember any of that from your days in school, but you might know about the Schroedinger’s cat! (Roby writes a little poem about this famous feline in the first book!).

David’s books The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity kept me optimistic and engaged during a divorce and the worst crisis of my professional life. They offered a perspective that there is something bigger than one story and pain in life. Deutsch’s books were probably among the top ten most important books I’ve ever read, and I am not tired of giving them as presents to my friends on different occasions.

In the third part of “The Romy and Roby and the Secrets of Sleep,” there is a conversation between Mum and her lab’s CTO. They discuss how Roby can be viewed through the prism of the constructor theory. I promise your children will understand the conversation!

At the end of every chapter of my books, there are questions for the young audience and their clever friends, parents, and grandparents. One of the questions is what is at the very heart of David’s work: “How do we create knowledge?” I don’t think it is too early to discuss it with children, even if they offer you “Open TikTok” as a first answer.

Anastassia Lauterbach sitting with her cat reading David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity
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Book 1

Romy & Roby And the Secrets Of Sleep.


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