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How Does Generative AI Work?

How Does Generative AI Work? I would like you to picture a house with three rooms. Now imagine that you employ an art counterfeit. This guy is talented, and he's making paintings in the style of, let's say, Marc Chagall. But this artist could be better. So, he sits...

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Rebooting AI

I ask all my students to read "Rebooting AI" by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis. This book is one of the scarce examples of realistic and sober views on what AI can and can't do today. There are five takeaways from the book. Takeaway number one: Any account in the...

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Does Data Influence The Way People Lead?

Interview With Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist, undisclosed Aerospace Company, distinguished Fellow Stimson Center, Board Member, US Chief Data Scientist of the Year 2018. Lauterbach: Is leadership a skill set, a science, or an art? Scriffignano: As with...

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The ‘Why’ Behind B

"The only great export item from Russia has always been emigration," B. often repeated to The Girl, Romy, and Roby when they visited him and his Samowar in the tiniest house of Newmarket, a little town close to the Alps. B. was born in Moscow in 1958, a year after...

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