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The ‘Why’ Behind Mum

Mum is the heart and soul of Romy and Roby's family. We already know that Roby arrived at the Newmarket home in her messy handbag. Mum is a computational linguist in a lab that does research on language loss—called aphasia—in individuals who experience a stroke or...

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From Military To Working On AI

An Interview with Patrick Huston, Brigadier General (U.S. Army, retired), Member of the Board (QuantumShield), Scientific Working Group on AI (FBI), AI Task Force (American Bar Association). Anastassia: Could you please walk us through your leadership journey and...

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The ‘Why” Behind Romy

Yes, I have cats, I love cats, and I write about cats. Roby’s best friend in “Romy and Roby and the Secrets of Sleep” is a cat. There is a real Romy behind the book. There is also a long-lasting connection between kitten and the algorithms. In 2012, Google made a...

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AI Edutainment Update: We have just hired our first Intern!

The Girl is an important character in the "Romy and Roby" series. Bringing on board a fabulous girl as an intern seemed only logical. Welcome, Masha! Masha is an undergrad student in Security Studies and AI at Leiden University. Anastassia interviewed her for the...

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